A Million Damn Bucks

Watch how I double a found penny in 28 steps to one million dollars.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Turning Corners

Have I doubled 64 cents into $1.28 yet? No. But yesterday I turned a mental corner.

I worked all day. No TV. Maybe that doesn't seem like a big thing, that No TV dealie, but around here it's huge. Every other day the thing's on all day long and half the night, so no TV was major.

The thing is, it was an accident. I was so busy thinking and working, I forgot to turn the TV on. When I thought of it, I realized what I was doing was more interesting than the show would be. Huh!

I keep thinking big instead of focusing on my current step. Yesterday I realized this was the perfect time to get some of my little books written so I could use my "double" stash to push them. Today I worked an hour on my How To Build A Finch Cage booklet. And I did a full day's work at my normal job besides. Whoo-hoo!

But when will I double my 64 cents?????

Monday, August 30, 2004

What? Stalled Out Already?

I didn't wake up today with a plan to double 64 cents into $1.28. Instead I got excited about future doublings. I realized I may finally get a chance to do things I've only read about, like buy resale rights on books and software. Can't do that with 64 cents! Which is what I'm supposed to focus on right now.

I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki a week or so ago and he talked about buying assets instead of liabilities. He loves making a deal where he buys an asset, sells it for a profit, and somehow maintains an income stream from it the rest of his life. I don't remember how he did that. Better reread that book.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, how do I double 64 cents? I could maybe list an item for sale on eBay at a cost of 60 cents--an item I have around that I wouldn't have sold otherwise. Perhaps to keep it separate from my regular eBay selling, I would have to create a new identity. That makes sense, as I would be selling something I never would have sold before. There should be some stupid little thing around that someone would gladly snap up for $1.28. Heaven knows what's in this cluttered mess I live in.

I feel torn in a million directions. 1) I know I can't get money to flow in until I make room for it, which means decluttering and cleaning this wreck of a house. I don't know when I'd do that. Why?

Because... 2) I feel I have no time. I read an article yesterday that said as long as you believe you haven't got enough time, you won't have enough money--that they're connected. I believe that.

I wake up determined to accomplish something, but the day always gets away from me. So, 3) I need to focus. Use the Power of Intention.

Right. Stop running around like a headless chicken, list the top five things that need done and take action. I know if I meditate, it will help me focus at once. Great ideas will come to me. They might be about how to double my 64 cents, how to pitch out half of the crap piled high around here. So pick a time--noon tomorrow. And Just Do It.

Lord, I sound like a commercial break.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Step 7: Double 32 Cents to 64 Cents--Success!

Enough with all the Abes already, hubby says.

I told my husband I needed 32 cents and was getting nervous about things. I'm looking ahead despite myself. He made an impatient sound and found three dimes and two pennies. He's not playing with pennies any more.

It was a bit of a relief to me. But the photo still looks quite busy and the series of photos alarms me because of how fast doubling works. I'll be in trouble very shortly, I fear. I have no idea how I'll double to $1.28.

I thought I'd sell something on eBay, but I re-read the rules and I can't do something I'd have done normally. I'm to create a whole new way of making money with this stake, something separate that I wouldn't have created except for this game. That's right, it's a game! Not even my money, only a penny my friend found and gave me, and my husband and daughter doubled without trouble.

I'll think about how to double to $1.28 while I sleep tonight and hope something dawns on me come morning. That generally works for me in other endeavors, so why not with this game? Maybe if I forget it's money and focus on the game, I'll quit the silly jitters. I can't believe I'm having them already.

Step 6: Double 16 Cents to 32 Cents--Success!

Definitely an army of Abes now.

Again my daughter helped me with this step. I stood there with pennies in both hands and said, "Thank you. Maybe your dad will help me with the next step." She shrugged.

Already I'm having trouble asking for help. Well, wait. I've always had trouble asking for help. It's one of the many things about me I'm hoping to heal or cure while I learn how to double my way to a million damn bucks. I have all kinds of self-limiting stinking thinking I want to rid myself of. From the nervousness looking at these many pennies creates in me, the issue is arising already.

Step 5: Double 8 Cents to 16 Cents--Success!

It's starting to look like an army of Abes.

Again my daughter helped me with this step. She got giggly as she doled out pennies, and gave me a change purse for them because suddenly they wouldn't all fit in my little green rubber squeeze-thingy. I was fine with that at her house.

When I took this picture, I noticed how rapidly these pennies are mounting up already at Step 5 and I felt the smallest bit of panic. I'm not supposed to think ahead. That's one of the rules. I'm to focus on this step alone and do it. Wondering how I'm going to change a big amount of money into double big is not supposed to cross my mind or panic me at this point. Sheesh.

Step 4: Double 4 Cents to 8 Cents--Success!

Eight Abes already, lined up for inspection.

My daughter offered her help on this next step as well. I'm not supposed to talk about what I'm doing--except I'm talking about it here!--and she didn't care why. It was enough that I wanted pennies. She wasn't about to refuse me. Perhaps she's used to slight insanity on my part?

Step 3--Double 2 Cents to 4 Cents--Success!

Four Abes rolling up their sleeves for me.

I asked my daughter if she'd help me with this step. She said, "Sure!" I didn't know that she too has a penny jar. Hers isn't overflowing, but has more than enough pennies to make a roll. She keeps up with her rolling better than I do.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Step 2: Double 1 Cent to 2 Cents--Success!

Two Abes at work for me now.

I came home and asked my husband if he wanted to help me with Step 2. He said yes. I asked if I gave him my penny if he would give it back to me plus a second penny. He did.

I now have two cents, my shiny 1994 penny and a dull one.

I maybe could have asked him to do the next few steps until we run out of pennies, but I'll ask my daughter and my friend Lucille to do the next steps tonight when I visit.

Step 1: Find A Penny--Success!

One Abe Lincoln starts me on my way to one million dollars!

I found my penny. Actually my friend Lucille found it on the floor of the Salvation Army room where we packed up the leftover clothes and junk from a rummage sale. I asked her if I could have it and she said yes.

I'm on my way! It's a shiny 1994 penny. Now, on to Step 2.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Help Wanted

I'm all excited.

Yesterday I read a free Special Report called "How to Double Your Way to a Million" by Stuart Goldsmith. It's the perfect game for me: find a penny, double it to two cents, double the two cents to four cents, etc. In 28 steps, you've doubled your way to a million dollars. More, actually.

He suggests I round up some partners--other people who want to go through the same process with me so we can encourage each other, put our heads together and brainstorm how best to use our skills, abilities and creativity to succeed one step at a time.

No negativity allowed!

Whether I find any partners or not, I'm doing this. Today I'm on the lookout for a penny on the ground. Never mind that I have an overflowing jarful of pennies sitting behind the turtle tank. I'm to find or be given a penny that isn't mine to start the magic. I'll be posting my progress here through the 28 steps. Stuart wants to see them when I reach my million.

I want to grow myself into the kind of person who can create what David Letterman calls "a million damn bucks." Tracking this progression will be interesting and insightful as heck because right now I'm about as far from a millionaire as a two-legged sentient being can get.

Want to join me? Read the free book, learn the steps and the rules and Welcome! Get the book Double Your Way here.

I've got a month to find a penny, but I won't need a month, I know. I'll take a keen-eyed walk through the parking lot at a grocery store where I'm pretty sure to find a penny today, tomorrow or this week. Then I'll be on my way. Stay tuned.