A Million Damn Bucks

Watch how I double a found penny in 28 steps to one million dollars.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Help Wanted

I'm all excited.

Yesterday I read a free Special Report called "How to Double Your Way to a Million" by Stuart Goldsmith. It's the perfect game for me: find a penny, double it to two cents, double the two cents to four cents, etc. In 28 steps, you've doubled your way to a million dollars. More, actually.

He suggests I round up some partners--other people who want to go through the same process with me so we can encourage each other, put our heads together and brainstorm how best to use our skills, abilities and creativity to succeed one step at a time.

No negativity allowed!

Whether I find any partners or not, I'm doing this. Today I'm on the lookout for a penny on the ground. Never mind that I have an overflowing jarful of pennies sitting behind the turtle tank. I'm to find or be given a penny that isn't mine to start the magic. I'll be posting my progress here through the 28 steps. Stuart wants to see them when I reach my million.

I want to grow myself into the kind of person who can create what David Letterman calls "a million damn bucks." Tracking this progression will be interesting and insightful as heck because right now I'm about as far from a millionaire as a two-legged sentient being can get.

Want to join me? Read the free book, learn the steps and the rules and Welcome! Get the book Double Your Way here.

I've got a month to find a penny, but I won't need a month, I know. I'll take a keen-eyed walk through the parking lot at a grocery store where I'm pretty sure to find a penny today, tomorrow or this week. Then I'll be on my way. Stay tuned.


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