A Million Damn Bucks

Watch how I double a found penny in 28 steps to one million dollars.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Step 5: Double 8 Cents to 16 Cents--Success!

It's starting to look like an army of Abes.

Again my daughter helped me with this step. She got giggly as she doled out pennies, and gave me a change purse for them because suddenly they wouldn't all fit in my little green rubber squeeze-thingy. I was fine with that at her house.

When I took this picture, I noticed how rapidly these pennies are mounting up already at Step 5 and I felt the smallest bit of panic. I'm not supposed to think ahead. That's one of the rules. I'm to focus on this step alone and do it. Wondering how I'm going to change a big amount of money into double big is not supposed to cross my mind or panic me at this point. Sheesh.


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