A Million Damn Bucks

Watch how I double a found penny in 28 steps to one million dollars.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Step 6: Double 16 Cents to 32 Cents--Success!

Definitely an army of Abes now.

Again my daughter helped me with this step. I stood there with pennies in both hands and said, "Thank you. Maybe your dad will help me with the next step." She shrugged.

Already I'm having trouble asking for help. Well, wait. I've always had trouble asking for help. It's one of the many things about me I'm hoping to heal or cure while I learn how to double my way to a million damn bucks. I have all kinds of self-limiting stinking thinking I want to rid myself of. From the nervousness looking at these many pennies creates in me, the issue is arising already.


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