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Monday, August 30, 2004

What? Stalled Out Already?

I didn't wake up today with a plan to double 64 cents into $1.28. Instead I got excited about future doublings. I realized I may finally get a chance to do things I've only read about, like buy resale rights on books and software. Can't do that with 64 cents! Which is what I'm supposed to focus on right now.

I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki a week or so ago and he talked about buying assets instead of liabilities. He loves making a deal where he buys an asset, sells it for a profit, and somehow maintains an income stream from it the rest of his life. I don't remember how he did that. Better reread that book.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, how do I double 64 cents? I could maybe list an item for sale on eBay at a cost of 60 cents--an item I have around that I wouldn't have sold otherwise. Perhaps to keep it separate from my regular eBay selling, I would have to create a new identity. That makes sense, as I would be selling something I never would have sold before. There should be some stupid little thing around that someone would gladly snap up for $1.28. Heaven knows what's in this cluttered mess I live in.

I feel torn in a million directions. 1) I know I can't get money to flow in until I make room for it, which means decluttering and cleaning this wreck of a house. I don't know when I'd do that. Why?

Because... 2) I feel I have no time. I read an article yesterday that said as long as you believe you haven't got enough time, you won't have enough money--that they're connected. I believe that.

I wake up determined to accomplish something, but the day always gets away from me. So, 3) I need to focus. Use the Power of Intention.

Right. Stop running around like a headless chicken, list the top five things that need done and take action. I know if I meditate, it will help me focus at once. Great ideas will come to me. They might be about how to double my 64 cents, how to pitch out half of the crap piled high around here. So pick a time--noon tomorrow. And Just Do It.

Lord, I sound like a commercial break.


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