A Million Damn Bucks

Watch how I double a found penny in 28 steps to one million dollars.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Turning Corners

Have I doubled 64 cents into $1.28 yet? No. But yesterday I turned a mental corner.

I worked all day. No TV. Maybe that doesn't seem like a big thing, that No TV dealie, but around here it's huge. Every other day the thing's on all day long and half the night, so no TV was major.

The thing is, it was an accident. I was so busy thinking and working, I forgot to turn the TV on. When I thought of it, I realized what I was doing was more interesting than the show would be. Huh!

I keep thinking big instead of focusing on my current step. Yesterday I realized this was the perfect time to get some of my little books written so I could use my "double" stash to push them. Today I worked an hour on my How To Build A Finch Cage booklet. And I did a full day's work at my normal job besides. Whoo-hoo!

But when will I double my 64 cents?????